The Department of Travel Management and Tourism Guidance was founded in 2010. The main objective of the program is to train qualified tourist guides and middle and upper level manager candidates for the tourism industry by providing scientific, modern and qualified education. In line with this objective, it is aimed to train qualified tourist guides and manager candidates who have a good command of foreign languages, knowledge of the history, culture and the geography of Turkey, who have the ability to set up good public relations, who can think analytically, solve problems, have knowledge of management and organization with an improved ability, who have social values such as tolerance, kindness, respect and honesty, who have the skill of leadership or representing.


Career opportunities of the graduates:

1. Independent tourist guides

2. Tourist guides working with travel agencies

3. Travel agency manager

4. Information officer in travel agencies

5. Middle or upper level managerial positions in various tourism establishments

6. Academic career opportunity for successful students

Upon successful completion of undergraduate degree, candidates may study graduate programs on condition that they get a sufficient grade in ALES (Examination for Postgraduate Study and Academic Staff) test and have sufficient level of English language skills.